Chiropractic Testimonials

"I was in so much pain 5 weeks ago I could barely move. I was on so many pain meds that I hardly functioned. I found Dr.Peter and his team and I am so grateful I did. Thank you all so much!!"
- Jeri O.

"I have been going to Dr. Peter for over a year now and he has helped me get back to life again which I'm very thankful. I'm only going once a week now but without my visits, I feel like I would be able to do any of the things that I do now. All of the staff has been so amazing and helpful as well."
- Tina B.

"I have been taking my oldest to Dr. Peter since he was 6 (now 11) and my youngest to him since birth (now 4). Both of my sons have suffered from chronic ear infections, and I was told by their primary care physician and TX Children's ENT that the only solution would be tubes in the boy's ears. I feel strongly about exhausting all options before turning to surgery.

My oldest spent months on antibiotics, and we were at the point we were going to have to get him tubes. A friend of mine that is a Physician Assistant mentioned that Chiropractic care had helped kids in the past. My husband and I feel that we were running out of options chose to give chiropractic care a chance. We arrived at our first appointment and immediately felt at home. After a thorough assessment, Dr. Peter adjusted our son, and we left the office. (We commute 35 - 40 minutes to the office). On our way home, we noticed that our child that had spoken very little in 3 months was a chatterbox. Once we went home, our son was racing around the house and bouncing off the furniture and appeared to be happier than we had seen him in MONTHS!!!. We returned to Dr. Peter for a few more appointments over the course of two weeks. In the third week, we returned to our Pediatrician with a follow-up at the ENT. Both doctors agreed that we were NO LONGER candidates for tubes as there was no evidence of ear infections. My son has not had a return ear infection in 5 years.

At three months of age, my second son was diagnosed with GERD, which resulted in Colic's horrific bouts. We took him in for an exam and adjustment. From that day further, we went from 6 plus hours of screaming a day to less than an hour! At six months of age, he started suffering from ear infections as well (neither boy's Eustachian tube was draining properly). Under the advice of the Pediatrician and the ENT, we started antibiotics. My son had eight back-to-back rounds of antibiotics (54 solid days) with minimal relief. The ENT said we had to get tubes before our son suffered permanent hearing loss. We started treatment with Dr. Peter for ear infections with the second child at that point (I'm not sure why we waited. GRRR). Within two weeks, we were ear infection-free and once again no longer candidates for tubes. My son goes to the chiropractor weekly with me now. He INSISTS that Dr. Peter sees him whether he needs an adjustment or not. He loves our Huntsville days, and his Mrs. Tracey. He will jump out of the car and march straight into Dr. Peters's office while we are still getting out of the car.

Dr. Peter, Tracey, Terry, Nina, and Kathy are much more than our "Doctors office," they have become a vital part of our family's health and life.

If, at any point, you would like more information about how Dr. Peter has impacted our family's health, please let the staff know. They have my permission for you to reach out to my husband and me."
- Misty T.

"Great people and great results"
- Jason W.

"Very friendly staff!! They focus on making you overall better!!"
- Laura I.

"Dr. Greg Peter has changed my life. more than a chiropractor, he helps to correct the problem. staff is like our family."
- Rebecca W.


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